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Reborn “ArtemiC inside” is a clinically tested vegan dietary supplement that contains extracts of carefully selected botanicals from Curcuma Longa, Artemisinin and Boswellia serrata, accompanied by vitamin C. Our patented plant-based mycell technology is used to increase the potency and efficiency of the compounds by increasing their bioavailability and the cellular absorption of the active ingredients can be dramatically optimized compared to any other available product on the market. Reborn “ArtemiC inside” contains ingredients that have already been used to bring healing to people for thousands of years. One of its ingredients, Artemisinin, has been granted a Nobel Prize for medicine because of its benefits for human health. Combining the long, proven history of the ingredients with our patented mycell technology revolutionizes the effectiveness of natural ingredients and the health sector overall.

Reborn “ArtemiC inside” has rigorously been tested for safety and efficacy in a double blind, placebo controlled phase II clinical trial involving 50 patients diagnosed with COVID-19. All patients had confirmed COVID-19 infection, were hospitalized in a stable, moderate condition, and were between 40 and 75 years old. At the end of the two-week study, 100% of the patients in the treatment group had shown improvement. Within 15 days of the follow-up visit, all had fully recovered. None of the patients in the treatment group required additional medical interventions and no adverse reactions to treatment were recorded.

Please find the full info to the studies here;

Every new COVID-19 infection has, until now, increased the likelihood that the personal health system and the health system as a sector will be overwhelmed. Patients can experience the ‘cytokine storm’ if their immune system is not able to withstand the COVID – 19 infection which can lead to multiple hospitalisations causing that patients might no longer be able to receive the care they need.

Reborn “ArtemiC inside” is a revolutionary nutritional supplement, developed and clinically tested by MGC Pharmaceuticals and based on our partner’s Swiss PharmaCan’s patented MyCell ™ technology. The patented MyCell ™ technology brings all needed benefits directly to the cells and enables the body to use its’ benefits completely by increasing bioavailability and absorption at cell level.

Please see this movie for more information on the patented MyCell Technology;

While using Reborn “Artemic inside” people can reduce the need for additional medical assistance and reduce the risk of life-threatening illness by bringing powerful antiviral properties of our four natural ingredients of which health benefits are known for thousands of years.

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