Studies report that vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients needed for the production of collagen. It advocated by some researchers to be also an antioxidant as a complementary measure to improve quality of life. According to reports, vitamin C helps maintain optimal immune system function, facilitates collagen formation and contributes to normal nervous system function. It said to also help protect cells from oxidative stress, to contribute to the reduction of fatigue, and increases our ability to absorb iron.


  • Even in a form that’s more easily absorbed by the body, the bioavailability of Vitamin C drops to less than 50% at higher doses.
  • Ascorbic acid measurements had many uncertainties due to the limitations of sensitivity, specificity and stability.
  • Oral administration of Vitamin C, even of a megadose, cannot raise blood concentration above 0.22 mM.
  • Vitamin C absorption declines markedly in many tissues with age.
  • High doses of Vitamin C could cause gastric discomfort.


  • MyCell™ Vitamin C is over 75 times more potent than regular Vitamin C
  • High absorption and active transportation to the cell
  • Up to 100 % bioavailability, even at higher doses
  • Safely excreted when used by the body
  • Gentle for the stomach
  • Pure. Natural. Efficient.


Food supplements can only develop their full benefit if the vital substances they contain are available in sufficient doses and if these are also absorbed by the body. Unfortunately, the fact is that most of the active ingredients in conventional food supplements are not used by the body at all, but are excreted uselessly.


The body’s own micelles are constantly being formed by the body for fat digestion. This process is energy-consuming and time-consuming for the body. A large part of the important active ingredients is not excreted after being used. With the previous micelle formation from purely vegetable raw materials, this important step is taken off the body. The unique and patented Swiss PharmaCan process gives selected substances maximum bioavailability. The body can absorb and process poorly soluble substances directly.

The fat-loving substance is surrounded by an amphiphilic shell, which is itself water-soluble and brings the substance to its destination.

The modified form of administration changes the pharmacokinetics of active ingredients. It opens up the possibility of having to use more specific dosages and smaller amounts of a substance without losing any effect. In this way, essential active ingredients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, omega-3 fatty acids and numerous other natural substances can be better absorbed by the body.

Compared to other products with liposomes (approx. 30-35% bioavailability), the MyCel Technology achieves almost 100% bioavailability, which is currently the highest value on the market.
Liposomes are fat globules that are produced with the help of polysorbate 80 as an emulsifier and are not gastric acid-resistant, in clinical tests they could only achieve a good value of approx. 30-35% with a very high dose.
The emulsifiers polysorbate 80 (E 433) and carboxymethyl cellulose are suspected of being carcinogenic and are currently being investigated accordingly.


Bioavailability expresses the relationship between the active ingredient actually consumed and the amount consumed. It indicates how much of an active ingredient is absorbed by the organism in a certain time unit, ie can be absorbed and is actually available at the site of action.
The individual processes of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics describe in their entirety the uptake and distribution of an active ingredient in the organism, the biochemical conversion and degradation and the excretion of auxiliary substances. These are fully taken into account in the manufacture of the products.
Swiss PharmaCan recently announced that it had signed an agreement with MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd. for the necessary research support, commercial manufacture and distribution of a formulation based on natural anti-infectives for the purpose of treating severe viral infections with inflammatory complications. The product is based on the patented MyCell Enhanced ™ technology of the delivery system of the two parties. The first study results are expected in late August.

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